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opposite of romantic.

adjective (AN-ti-ro-MAN-ti)

word created by Dr. Charles Austin Miller, esteemed
Puke on the first date is so anti-romanti.
by Charles Miller February 07, 2008
opposite of romantic.

adjective (AN-ty-ro-MAN-ty)

Word created by Prof. Charles Austin Miller, esteemed
"Puke on a first date is so anti-romanti"
by Charles Miller February 07, 2008
An episode of romance.

n. (combination of Romance and Episode)

Word invented by Dr. Charles Austin Miller
Dolores didn't regret her little romantisode with Dominic.
by Charles Miller February 07, 2008
Literally, death by romance.

n. Romanticide can apply to both suicide AND homicide committed in the name of romance.
Karen briefly considered attaching her high-top nipple-clamps, but common sense told her she shouldn't kill the poor bastid on their first date, despite her affection for romanticide.
by Charles Miller February 07, 2008

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