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Originated in 2001, when Kirby Madden titled himself kirbflexpimpmaster2002. Later, his title was reduced to Kirbflex. Sometimes known simply as Flex, he is a man who runs smooth talk with the ladies, and always knows where he be on game point. He runs noobs worldwide and macks dimes better than jiggaman himself. I remeber when flex said, "yo, imma skeet all deese ga deets," and I seen him do it too; 15 dames in da room, all on flexmon's jockasauras. He gave dem all cock blessings, and beofre you know it, they blowin' up his pager, this shit's gettin' major, a favor for a favor, dis dick is wat he gave her....O my bad, I was just jocking one of flex'es rhymes; see Flex write all da rhymes for all the hot producers like Dre, and dre and jigga, mos talib, kanye, slim, game, 50, all slang that ish from flex. He is a master at the robot and see's no dime, to hard to bank. Flex go shoop shoop in da hood while bumping some shit from way back
dame: You seen Kirbflex?
other dame: Naw, where's he at?
dame: o, he in pimp mode, just waitin to get the party started on game point, don't mess wit flex or yo ass get dropped, yo flex, step up to da mic....

Flex: I'm a nice Flex, with some nice sex
See these pretzels? theyre from Tex Mex, Eligible bachelor, dames love Flex,Why?, because I have the ideal pecs, This dick, aint' fo no soft shoe, If you fail....cock a doodle poo!

Me: Yo Flex, that was awesome

Kirbflex: And I'm gone, like the night sky, you see me fly by, Flex......goodbye

Me: Yo, whered' he go?

Descartes: He's off to Madagaskar, u know he's up to something

Gustavus Adolphus II: Flex, what you doing here?

Flex: I am here to show you the way of Flex

Gatsby: Flex, show me the way, I need guidance

Flex: Well follow me and you will never be lost.......


Flex: Please, children, sit down as I play a tune on this here banjo

Jon Berry: Flex how do you do, so well?

Flex: I do what is needed, to escape the solitude of this puzzle we live in

Keanu Reeves: Exactly, you have so much to give, yet so much to lose, how do you do it?

FLex: My shildren, the way of Flex is beyond you, it is only observed, never gained, watch as I execute this 24 year old hippo

Marv Albert: Simply amazing master Flex, simply amazing, but what is it that gives you so much attention to the world around you?

FLex: It is the way, the way Flex was taught to be the leader of the New World Colonies, It is how I came to learn the ways of Gama Bunta, and focus my power in the ways of a super saiyen


Flex: please, FLex needs no introduction, he simply needs a studio to spit hot rhymes:
Flex, put them niggaz in a trash can
Leave em outside of your door I'm your trash man
I'm steady lightin up the hash and ridin in my jag
You will need a gas mask man
You snakes, stop hidin in the grass
Sooner or later I'll cut it now the blades in yo ass
You homo niggaz getting Aids in the ass
While the homie here tryna get paid in advance
I'm stayin on my grizzy I'ma bonafide hustler
Play me or play wit me then I'm goin find your mother
Niggaz wanna eat cause they ain't ate nothin
But niggaz wanna leave when you say you out of mustard
So I'ma walk into the restaurant alone, leavin out
Leavin behind just residue and bones
In your residents with Rugers to your dome
Like where the fuck you holdin the coke
hold in your throat, choke

Steven: Did you see steven's diiimmmesss last night

Flex: No Steve! Now go to the underworld and live your tale of agony with Hades, I shall see you in another moon

Donavan McNabb: Flex, the way to allowed Steven to flee on such costly terms, it achieves an immortal greatness only seen in you

Flex: Now flee, and watch as I move like the Coupe thru traffic

Jesse HaskinsL Flex, how do you acheive such outstanding goals?

Flex: Simple my student, I come from under the tommy, bustin a tommy

Asian Frog: Flex, how are the queens of Earth on your side?

Flex: She in a rush to get close to me but I ain't eager
I must leave my children, away to the place of eternal being

Me: Look at Flex, on game point since day 1
by Charles Darwin January 05, 2005

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