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The devil woman's conniving tactic to (re)insert themselves into a man's life via sexual practice on a bro.

Dubbed flashbang because it is comparable to the disorienting nature of a flashbang grenade. One does not see or think clearly for a temporary amount of time after said flashbanging has resulted upon them.

This is often done by a "Ratchet" Ex-girlfriend who doesn't deserve to be with the said bro and shortly afterwords begins to weasel their way back into a comfortable status quo so they can suck all life from the target and all bros (and bras) of said target.
to flashbang :

"Dude, did you hear what happened with Randy and Galinda?"

"We've talked about this bro. Those two names are never to be mentioned in the same sentence."

"Dude, I know, but we have a code black."

"I've never even heard of code black."

"Dude. I know...She flashbanged him!"

"My god!...Whats the status?"

"Kill confirmed. That but fucking whore`s gottem.
by Chaluupa Batman December 11, 2012

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