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3 definitions by Cerone

A response to a situation that is otherwise bleak. Sometimes referred to as "deedle da." See also "deedle."
"Deedle dee!" What a fantastic idea!
by Cerone September 09, 2008
5 2
Meaning "cool" or "I understand."

An expression commonly used to show an advanced understanding of the matter at hand.

A placeholder for an otherwise inexplicable or unexplainable situation.
He bought his lunch and proclaimed such to his friends. They replied- "deedle."

"I lost my pants!" The boy cried. "Deedle," his mother exclaimed after assessing the new information.
by Cerone September 09, 2008
43 42
The act of changing cloths in the past and present. See also "krebsd."

The consumption of alcohol in both the past and present.
I was krebsing and we jumped from a thirdy-story building and lived! That's how drunk I was!
by Cerone September 09, 2008
1 1