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Double Bitch, the over exaggerated way of calling or defining someone as bitch.
Example 1:

man my fourth period teacher is a double bitch i can't believe i let it slid she gave me the paddle last week i swear if that shit goes down again ima say "fuck that bitch" and i am going to drop her ass ima be like boom!!
then i am going to show that double bitch who's the boss.

Example 2:
Jim:Damn, i am so scared to talk to that fine ass girl across the room.

Bob: Dude just go talk to her, why are you still standing here?

Jim: because i am just scared.

Bob: what??

Jim: she might reject me and make fun of me in front of everyone.

Bob: Man!?!? you're acting like a pussy a fucking bitch no not even you're acting like a DOUBLE BITCH.

jim then listens to bobs advice and gets rejected anyways.

the end

example 3:

Mitch: hey steve hows life going with your girlfriend rebekah.

Steve: oh it's whatever.

Mitch: what are you talking about you have to be the luckiest man on the planet she's beautiful.

Steve: oh her, shes just a slut you know what im sayin Mitch.

Mitch: Hey man stop talking about her like that ,you should appreciate her she's a goddess

Steve:hehehehehe she's just my double bitch just like what you are to me mitch.

Mitch: what.

mitch then gaggs,

Steve: hahahahaha nuts in your mouth.

and so mitch then dies from gagging on mitch nuts
all that he had to do to survive his horrible death was to stop being a double bitch.
by Ced The Man June 03, 2009

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