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Often considered the "Martyr in living" for the rest of the hmong population, who had faced rascist discrimination.

While hunting, Vang shot eight Rascist Red Necks in northern Wisconsin on November 21, 2004 in self-defense.
non-hmong guy : Hahaha, look at that gook

hmong guy: Don't make me bust a Chai Vang on your arse.
#hmong #vang #chai #rascist #shooting
by Cassidy Thao September 26, 2007
A phrase to tell your boyfriend or girlfriend, to not go and mess around with other people. Another way of say don't cheat, or don't put false hopes on other.
Hey Baby don't plant corn at work today
#love #cheating #relationship #dating #plants
by Cassidy Thao September 26, 2007
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