1 definition by Cassandra Q - Miss Duce 422

BmB is an acronym for 'Blunts Make you Better'. BmB is a gaming community for people that play games such as Halo, Call of Duty, and various other games... They have a few divisions, one of them being BmB King Klick, and another being BmB Smoking Angels which is their all-female division. More about on BmBannex.com
Hydropoo42: Dude, that BmB Dubl O Duce kid was bomb good. We tried to triple team him and he took us all out!!!

Yummygum65: Yeah, he actually sent me a game invite and said I was good enough to join BmB... sorry, bye!
by Cassandra Q - Miss Duce 422 June 26, 2009

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