1 definition by Casedea & Pizzaria Writter

A Small Town In Ohio Near Orwell,Rome,Trumbull,and Hartsgrove Ohio.
Casadea ~ "There is like tottaly nothing to do in Windsor Ohio!"

Pizzaria~ "Ya there is. There's Bike ride'n, Farm'n, and Tree climb'n. You need to g't out of the citiy and g't out to the Country."

Casadea~ "You are Like Tottaly right!! Like I want to get my $50.00 snake skin High heels muddy!"

Pizzaria~ "What do you think barn boots are for? Now go change out of them there high heels and get to work!'

Casadea~ "Work!!!"

Pizzaria~ "NOW!"
by Casedea & Pizzaria Writter April 15, 2010

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