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4 definitions by Carey Ball

You two are wrong. "Testify" comes from the Latin "witness" and has nothing to do with "testicle" which also comes from the Latin for "witness". I was asked this in class by the professor in college English. I would have been wrong and embarrassed myself, so I just said "I don't know". But here's what I got from the Internet:
testatio -onis f. calling to witness , or bearing witness.

testificatio -onis f. bearing witness , testifying; evidence, proof.

testificor -ari dep. to bear witness to , give evidence of; to show, bring to light; to call to witness.

testimonium -i n. witness , evidence; proof, indication.

testis (1) -is c. one who gives evidence , a witness; an eye-witness, a spectator.

testor -ari dep. (1) to bear witness to , give evidence of; to make known, publish, declare; as pass. to be attested, declared. (2) to make a will. (3) to call to witness.

BTW they are called "testicles" because they WITNESS to the procreative power of a man.
Since I was a witness to the crime, they want me to testify in court.

by Carey Ball November 02, 2008
Military off-color acronym.

Meaning: Fuck It--Shit Happens--Drive On.
Damn! I just accidentally dropped my computer off the truck and smashed it to pieces. Oh well, FISHDO.

by Carey Ball December 11, 2005
A dummy, bozo, idiot, etc. Literally, Portuguese for "one who slobbers". Also can be used among close friends as a term of endearment.
"That babaca locked his keys in his car."

"Hey babaca! What's up!"
by Carey Ball May 28, 2008
(1) A drinking game

(2) A bar in Dallas
"Here's to Cardinal Puff, the third and final drink of the evening"

"Are you a Cardinal?"

"You bet your sweet ass I am!"
by Carey Ball January 17, 2009