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To remove a number of slices from a dessert or cake so that remaining shape resembles that of the computer game character, PacMan.

We need to pacmanify that lemon meringue pie!
by Carasek March 30, 2009
The act of going late-night shopping, particular in the run-up to Christmas, and including a visit to Starbucks
"Are you up for a coffee while we hit the shops?"
"Yeah, sure, latte night shopping sounds great!"
by Carasek December 30, 2011
The term used for Jools Holland's annual new year's eve bash when circumstances, such as being at work, force you to watch it with no sound
"Stick BBC1 on, we'll watch the mutananny"
by Carasek December 30, 2011
A curry with a cheese topping; the curry equivalent of 'cheesy chips'.
I'm going to make myself a churry.
by Carasek October 16, 2010
Graffiti on a giraffe.
"Oh, no, look at that horrible giraffiti!"
"You what?"
"Over there, on the giraffe! Someone's spray-painted a purple cock on the poor thing!"
by Carasek April 12, 2012

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