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When a bike owner claims to have love and affinity towards their bike but secretly envies and lusts after another friend's newly purchased bike!
Car: I love my road bike!!
Kirk: CAR, I just bought a 2010 Giant TCR road bike, check it out!
CAR: oh! WONDERFUL! AWESOME! GREAT! *starting to feel bike envy*
by Car Sun March 02, 2010
When you feel nothing but deep regret for picking one food item or dish over the other.

As soon as you eat or see the arrival of the item or dish, you immediately begin to feel that you have made the wrong choice and should of picked the other item or dish to begin with.

You won't let it go in your mind. Your emotional baggage(s) come back and hunt you almost immediately as you make connection and think of all the wrong lovers you let into your heart. The wrong food items you pick and the wrong jobs you applied for and oh, don't forget - the wrong classes you took in college. The WRONG names you have addressed your past lover(s).
Car: Damn! I had ice cream just now and I should of just had the bag of chips to begin with!

Janny: It's ok Car, it's not the first time you pick the wrong .. thing to .. eat. um... yeah* ...

Car: What are you trying to say?! don't bring up old shit!

Janny: It's ok, you won't get fat yet, you are just feeling foodgret. Be mindful about picking your food next time though.. I don't want to hear you bitch and complain about your foodgret! I am tired of hearing you repeat yourself!

by Car Sun September 01, 2010
The many ways (strange/unusual/paranormal/hallmark/cheesy/corny/sweet/loving/controlling) your BFF behaves towards you and your shared friendship of devotion, adherence, usage, characteristic ,state or condition; which designates a doctrine to your referenced designated BFF.

-ism suffix (Greek) - formation of nouns which denotes practice or action from verbs.
Janny: Car - you need to get off your whorish way's on FB!

Car: Janny, thanks for your bffism all these years! Without your bffism, I would not be the same.


Car: Awwww - I heart you too! by the way, your bffism stinks!
by Car Sun August 25, 2010
A crush that takes place during or after a reunion of some sort (10 year high school) where you reconnect with someone you once knew from years ago (10 years)

You can't explain or understand what happened, but you just know from the moment you look into your crush's beautiful eyes (brown) and smell their shampoo /hair product. You just know you have a crush and you know you are no longer the same again.
Janny: fess up slut!

Car: I have a crush on Summer, our voice in the morning from 10 years ago - senior year.. REMEMBER??
Janny: *no comment* well ,leave the nice lady alone ok?

Car: Too late - I kinda told her..

Janny: Ewww... you are a creep! Don't tell anyone you know me - I feel embarrassed of you!!! What were you thinking! Poor Summer.

Car: I have a reunion crush and life is good =P
by Car Sun December 31, 2009
When a person (in their combination of motor motions such as walking, running, or simply doing whatever they are doing) suddenly get's pushed back by something/someone or stumbles randomly. It's like someone invisibe/demonic spirit/ghost punched or shoved that person to hinder their combination of motor motions. To bring forth fear, intimadation.
Janny: (running her mouth to her bff Car) .. blah blah blah .

Car: Better shut your trap before I ghost punch you in the face!

Janny: silent...

Car: :)
by Car Sun October 21, 2011

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