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The result of convincing two naive, spoilt rich girls to sleep with you at any one time. This is most easily achieved by falsely promising enhanced social notoriety or claiming "This is how all of your cosmopolitan role models like Paris Hilton and Jodie Marsh gain higher status"

Not to be confused with packets of large chocolate sandwich biscuits with princesses on the packet, often found in European discount supermarkets.
Dave: "Dude, I convinced these two wealthy dumb bitches into having a threesome last night!"

Bobby: "A Princess Sandwich?! Fuck, that's awesome!, how did you do it?!"

Dave: "I just said that I could give them Calum Best's number and they could go out partying with him and Jack Tweed"

Bobby: "Dude, you're a Genius!!"
by Captain Spongetrousers August 12, 2011

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