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The best band Ever. Progressive Metal, they have two 24 minute songs (A Change Of Seasons, Octavarium) And one 42 minute song (Second Cd of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence)
Popular Rock bands wish they had the skills of the gods (if they have heard of them) They are so awsome John Petrucci went with G3, each member is highly skilled. I was an atheist, and these guys has caused me to convert to their cult following. Most people cannot begin to fathom how much these guys rock. They could be their own supergroup.
Average Joe: Omg I just bought Senses Fail tickets!

Me: *Bitch Slaps him with an Octavarium CD*

Average Joe: Holy Shit dude. I felt the intense power of that band without even listening to it! I've found the light! Thank you from that terrible fate my comrade!

Me: Not a problem, now lets go and scalp those tickets and get Dream Theater tickets.
by Captain Dream Theater January 21, 2007

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