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Canadian History is a sex act so deplorable that it can not be mentioned on T.V. But thanks to the glory of the Internet I can explain it to you here. It was created by two mounties on a frigid December night. They were water boarding a moonshiner in a log cabin trying to get him to confess the location of his distillery. Hours went by and they were getting no where. So they had to think fast. The only supplies they had left in the cabin were an extremely large set of moose antlers a jug of maple syrup and oddly enough the Stanly cup. Quick on there feet they covered the mans member in maple syrup and began violently jerking him off. Right as the man was about to peak sexually they simultaneously smashed his genitals with the Stanley cup and rammed the moose antlers up his ass using the remainder of the maple syrup as lube. The force was so great that the mans prostate exploded so violently that he confessed the distillery's exact location before he even knew what he had done.
Canadian History, cause water boarding is for pussies.
by Canadian History 101 February 07, 2010

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