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2 definitions by CamRon Bawllsack

A VERY daring sex act, for both partners, were a guy (from Pensacola, FL) performs a "Cannon Ball" off of the head board, preferably tall head board, and makes a lasting physical and mental inpression on the girl.
Guy 1: OMG! Did you hear?! CamRon Bawllsack did a Pensacola Print Maker on his girlfriend!?
Guy 2: What the F?
by CamRon Bawllsack March 12, 2008
An extreme sexual manuver when a man is on top of a woman and the man tries to throw the woman around the room while still maintaining insertion.
Guy 1: Did you hear? Bob and Lisa went to the running of the bulls?
Guy 2: Naw d00de.
by CamRon Bawllsack March 11, 2008