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An innocent man who was bullied in middle school and high school. If you immature people never picked on him or bullied him, then the Virginia Tech Massacre would've never happened. The VT incident shows how much simple bullying at school can lead to horrendous acts by people who were treated like shit in school. For all of those people telling Cho Seung Hui to go to hell, maybe you would want to think again. He was also mentally ill and bullying him just spurred his violent nature. Had you not made fun of the way he walked, talked, or moved, then maybe we wouldn't be debating about this. Think about this, and please be more considerate to others in the future.

I do not support Cho Seung Hui's violent acts, nor do I agree with what he said, but seriously, I feel sorry for him and I wished that I could've helped him.
If you inconsiderate people never bullied Cho Seung Hui, then VT could've been prevented. People wouldn't be racist towards any Koreans or Asians for that matter.
by California Realist September 30, 2007

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