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A hot charlie is when you tell your friends that you will hang out and then ditch them for coffee.
Bobby: Hey Cale you want to come take a walk with us?
Eric: Yeah, if you want you can just go half the way.
Cale: Alright, I'll go.

::The walk begins::


::Cales runs off to Dunkin' Donuts for a coffee::
#hot #charlie #coffee #friends #ditching
by Cale F Sweeney September 10, 2010
Grubbing is when you load maggots into a piece of PVC duct taped to an nail gun air compressor and fire them at 45-year-old women from behind their vans while they are watching their kids soccer game.
"Hey Mike! Let's get your dad's air compressor and go grubbing down at your little brothers soccer game."
#grubbing #maggots #air compressor #pvc #moms #soccer games
by Cale F Sweeney October 16, 2008
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