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Firstly whichever cock put all that about females having to wait for mr right well yeh all power to us! Your jsut a fucking egotistical bastard and i hope that one day u get totally fucked over by women coz we are fucking ace and we actually have emotions and attempt to treat guys properly, the only reason we have to turn bitchy is to protect ourselves against arseholes like mr J3ff or wotever the hell ur fucking name is. I bet u cant find one female who is defensive and generally has bad feeling towards males who has just been born like that, its through the endless we-are-better-then-u-coz-we-r-male- attitude of guys thats turned us like that, and the fact that more oftne then not the first guy we have really given our hearts to have trashed it and made us eternally scared of being hurt again
Female: hm i really love my boyfriend.
Male: OMG look at that hot booty im gonna have some of that
F: MY boyfriend cheated on me!
M: hahahaaaaaaaa evil cackle
Im never gonna trust freaking males every again in my life coz they are gay and sad and stupid and evil and beings created soley for the purpose of pain, humiliation, depression and anger
by CUL April 14, 2005
a random definition that can be used in any way
beware my caboogler...caboogle you,idiot
by cul May 31, 2004
a saying used by jim carrey in bruce almighty at the end of a news coverage
Buffalo is like a cookie, .................. and that's the way the cookie crumbles. now back to you susan
by cul May 31, 2004
a sweet 2D shooter game. go to
to play
madsweet shooter
by cul June 27, 2004
a mad sweet shooter game. go to qarcade.com to play.
yo, i beasted up divine intervention yesterday.
by cul June 26, 2004
absolutely anything
mlook at that moke...narc that moke...mokelicious
by cul May 31, 2004

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