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How muslims clean their butt after they shit, by using their bare hands and digging their finger down in their crack to knock off the dingleberries. Done with the left hand only.
That is so disgusting, I was out of toilet paper so I had to do a Muslim-Butt-Wipe. Remind me to double wash my hands!!
by BunnyOlesen July 09, 2012
1. Another way to treat women like shit. Women are not allowed to wash their dead loved ones OR attend the muslim funeral.

2. ANOTHER way to treat women like shit. Women who are honor killed are not given a muslim funeral, and are not allowed to be buried in islamic 'holy' cemetery land, AND are not given a headstone.

3. A cause for celebration.
WOW, it is really fucked up that that muslims treat women like shit, and they cannot attend muslim funerals, not even their own son. Muslims wash the bodies of their departed by they treat women like shit and they are not even allowed to wash their daughters body.

Man, muslims are horrible! First they honor kill their daughter, THEN they are not even given a muslim funeral, won't bury them in a 'holy' cemetary, and are not given a headstone.

3. HIP HIP HOORAH ! Another one bites the dust. We are having a celebration, because there is ANOTHER muslim funeral.
by BunnyOlesen July 09, 2012
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