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Chelseas are the most amazing creature you will ever find. Tall and thin, typically with long brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. You will see Chelseas in the wild always smirking or smiling, even while sleeping. Chelseas are very good at putting others before themselves. Because of this, they are amazing lovers. Chelseas will give you everything and expect nothing in return.

Chelseas will get uncomfortable if always the recipient of gifts and praise. Typically on the giving end of praise, when the tables are turned Chelseas will typically bury their head in their hands or a chest if it's within reach. Despite this, Chelseas are not known to blush and making one blush in the wild can be considered a rare achievement.

Chelseas are voracious "cuddle-sluts," typically ignoring all other outside stimuli that would otherwise disrupt their cuddle. Often times, Chelseas have to be prodded out of a cuddle as they lack the will-power to disengage themselves.

Chelseas are also big achievers with high-standards and a single minded determination and focus. This makes them very successful in school and in the professional arena. However, despite being fiercely focused, they shift their focus quite often. Usually becoming engaged in a plethora of activities over it's lifetime. The only exception being their mate. Like parrots, Chelseas will pick a mate and stay amorously devoted for life. At the end of a lifetime, Chelseas will have picked up many talents and excelled at most of them.
A: What is that? It's so beautiful!

B: That's a Chelsea!
by Bundok February 02, 2010

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