1 definition by Bumrushin RUSSIAN

am just watchin all dat shit chu writin and it makez me laugh worse than a muh'fucka, kuz AINT NOBODY of yall foreignerz knoez wut ma mama land IZ. especially doze who'z tryin to put shit on ma kontry. u aint neva lived here so shutcha muh'fuckin mouthz. if yall dunno shit, dont talk shit, nomsane? "crime against humanity" - wut da fuck iz thiz, huh? now tell me, muhfuckaz who had dem coloniez in Africa, who bombed innocent ppl around the whole muh'fuckin world, genecide n all dat? plus yall bytch azz fat azz americanz claimin participation in World War II, but it aint nuttin but shit, fuck yo patricipation and british too. all yall bytchez iz unda dem kikez, u got aint nuttin but dem dollaz in yo eyez, muh'fuckin animalz fed up by yo governmentz. u aint eva gon get no patriotic feelinz n all dat kuz all yall iz ANIMALZ, and all yo so-called 'feelinz' exist az long az u got enuf food to eat, enuf money to spend, but it gon vanish without no muh'fuckin trace when diz supplement endz, nomsane? and we aint got no friendz. yall c ma kontry raisin from damn kneez, kuz dem kikez tried to drop us on em during the existence of soviet union. all friendz we got r India, African kontriez and SA'z. and we gon ressurect, one way or muh'fuckin otha, so watch out. ahahahahahahah
Russia haz yo, nomsane?
by Bumrushin RUSSIAN April 20, 2006

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