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a humongous lesbian; as comic strip canine marmaduke is a great dane, one of the lagest dog breeds.
-jesus look at the size of that one!
-oh and she's a total lez, look at those overalls.
-looks like we got ourselves a Marmadyke.
by Bum Stiggity Bum May 19, 2011
A huge rock star from Australia who bites the heads off of wombats on stage.
-G'day mate, you see Aussie last noyt?
-Aussie Ausbourne? Yeah mate, front row, oym still cahvahd in the blood of mahsupyuls.
by Bum Stiggity Bum February 16, 2011
deep fried rooster penises, slathered in buffalo sauce, then dipped in a creamy fromage de bleu
-Hey, want some chicken wangs?
-What, are you from Alabama all of a sudden?
-No, I just want to eat rooster dicks.
by Bum Stiggity Bum February 13, 2010
Someone who has shit their brains out.
-Is Justin still on the bowl?
-Yeah, and he's unresponsive.
-Maybe he's finally gone full diarretard.
by Bum Stiggity Bum February 13, 2010
a high test mouthwash used only after one is ATMed. an extremely acidic concoction, not to be used more than once a week to prevent withering of the gums, melted teeth or disintegration of oral tissue
-oh jesus, Rocco was really feelin' it last night, he fucked me in the ass then busted his nut in my mouth.
-oh wow, been there. I have some Ass-to-Mouthwash you can borrow if you want.
-hellz yeah girl
-just make sure you spit it out after like 3 seconds.
by Bum Stiggity Bum November 12, 2011
What you call it when you sit on the bowl and just fart for 15-30 seconds. Comparable to the hot dry easterly winds that blow off the Pacific into Southern California in late fall.
-Man I really thought I had to dump out, but I just blew ass on the bowl for like half a minute.
-Oh, sounds like the Santa Anus Winds are blowing through.
by Bum Stiggity Bum November 27, 2010
An emoticon for a penis
(What follows is a textversation)
- eff you
- C======3
by Bum Stiggity Bum February 04, 2011

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