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1. an absolutely gorgeous and righteous girl. She's so lovely beyond belief and she is calm and mild-mannered. She is smart and intelligent but she is no geekess. She is radiant, a goddess of love.

2. a female name, meaning "heavenly".She may or may not be a sex goddess as described in the above definition.

3. the last name of Richard Celeste, who was governor of the state of Ohio during the 80s and early 90s.
1. that girl is wearing a tight glittery blue mini-dress, she has long jet black hair down to her waist and her stout hips, her skin has an olive hue and complexion, her eyes are so radiant, she has a nice figure and her legs are strong. She can play the cello and the acoustic guitar, she's a voracious lit reader and she can do synchronized swimming. She's a beauty, a cutie, a goddess, she's a CELESTE.

2. I knew a girl of that name in the 5th grade. In our talent show she was in a glittery majorette costume twirling a baton. That's when I knew the source behind my "physical sensations" AKA "growing up" ; )

3. Governor Dick Celeste is a man. No doubt about it.

by Buckeye Starr December 26, 2010
A word formed from a combination of 2 words: PIZZA + diaRRHEA. It's when you chow down on a pizza and instantly you get the runs. It could result from any ingredient being spoiled but usually bad meat is the biggest culprit.
I was staying in a hotel in Butte. I phoned in a pizza order, pepperoni + cheese + whatever, Chicago style. Delivery was fast. I ate one slice and instantly I soiled my drawers. I changed my clothes but soon all my clothes were crapped and I had to get on the throne fast. I had contracted a severe case of pizarrhea. When it was time to hop on the 'hound for the ride back this cute PYT dressed in pink and named Terri initiated a conversation with me. She was on the other side of the seat row, looking backwards at me. Everything was fine as long as she didn't come over and sit next to me : (

Pizzarrhea ain't no fun at all.
by Buckeye Starr February 17, 2011
quite simply this term is a contraction of "celebrity" and "lesbian". Of course that means that she's famous, even if only for the Warholian 15 minutes, or for much longer.
Ellen Degeneres is a notorious celesbian. She was the first to "come out" on TV. Thing about that is, the lovely Laura Dern should've been kissing me instead ; )

2. Other celesbians are Melissa Etheridge (she "came out" during Prez. Bill Clinton's inaugeration bashola), k d lang, Tracy Chapman, the Indigo Girls, Phranc, Amanda Bearce, Candace Gingrich, Dick Chaney's daughter (yes), Rosey O'Donnell and many more.
by Buckeye Starr December 26, 2010
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