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One of the greatest and most influential rock'n'roll bands of all time. They formed in Britain in 1962, naming their band after a Muddy Waters song. They are inspired by American blues and rock'n'roll acts including Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry (they REALLY love Chuck!), Bo Diddley and much, much more. They are practically the world's first hard rock band. They have experimented with other styles in their career, like soul, reggae, psychedelic rock, country rock, disco and more, but have always maintained that classic "Stonesy" hard rock sound. They have greatly influenced many rockers around the globe like Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp and countless others, and their hard rock and "bad boy"/rebellious image/attitude have also provided blueprints for later genres like heavy metal, punk rock and a whole lot more. They have made many albums over the past 45 years or so, all of them have something to recommend listening to. Among their best albums are Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, Tattoo You, Steel Wheels and A Bigger Bang from 2005. They have often pushed the envelope in their songs and music videos, although many of today's music stars now make the Stones sound like angels. Nevertheless, the Stones will always have their "badness" credentials, and the quality and influence of their music is undeniable. They are true legends, without a doubt.
I saw the Rolling Stones in concert exactly 10 years ago tonight at Ohio Stadium at the Ohio State University. They kicked it off with "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction", then "Solid Rock'n'Roll", "Bitch", getting into hits spanning their entire catalog: "The Last Time", "Rock and a Hard Place", "Gimme Shelter", "Start Me Up", "You Got Me Rocking", "Miss You", "Let's Spend the Night Together", "Let It Bleed", "Tumbling Dice", "Honky Tonk Women" (a lot of women danced onstage during this number), "Anybody Seen My Baby?", a cover of Chuck Berry's "Little Queenie", "Brown Sugar", etc. The Stones drank beer frequently. Mick Jagger often snarled his vocals, and he jumped around and strutted his butt on the stage and walkways. He took off his shirt - even in the chilly late September night air. Keith Richards had a cigaret dangling in his mouth almost all the time, while playing guitar. Ron Wood was also smoking while playing, but not as much as Keith. Charlie Watts kept on beating the skins. After the show ended there was a killer fireworks show. It was an excellent evening. I had seen many major "classic" acts play live (Pink Floyd, U2,Van Halen, Rush, Def Leppard, Beach Boys, Ramones, to name a few) but it was a major thrill to see what may be the biggest and most influential band ever (except the Beatles and Roxy Music). The Stones still have it. VIVA ROLLING STONES.
by Buckeye Star September 27, 2007
1. a violent disturbance. Mayhem, may result in people getting injured, maybe even killed. Property damage and destruction, arson and vandalism usually occur during a riot.

2. a trip, a blast, a gas, anything that is funny and/or cracks people up. Something that is fun.
1. In the spring of 1992 many people believed that the "Rodney King riots" that erupted in several American cities was a case of "black rage". I saw on ABC-TV live coverage reports that the rioters had plenty of non-black people in their ranks: there were a lot of white and Hispanic looters and vandals as well. Also, one morning that week, ABC showed that some black-owned shops and businesses had also been trashed during the disturbances. The weeklong ruckus was not a "racial" thing. It was for most of the participants an excuse to chuck a brick into a pharmacy window, or to steal a stereo from an electronics store, or simply just to "fuck some shit up".

2. I was driving in Canada when I heard that Phil Hartman was murdered by his wife, who then killed herself. Still, to this day nobody knows why it happened. It'll probably forever be a mystery. Nonetheless, it was a tragic event. I've seen Phil on SNL and other TV shows and movies, and he was a total riot.
by Buckeye Star September 27, 2007
When you have fans making the pilgrimage to Graceland every January 8 (Elvis birthday) and August 16, singing his songs and holding candlelight vigils and owning as much Elvis items and memorabilia as possible, visiting his grave, holding a seance to contact his spirit, or maybe even believing that he is still alive, and practically making him into a god, then this is no mere fan club - it's a religion.
Roxanne has all of Elvis Presley's albums - LP, casette, CD - VHS and DVD versions of all his movies and TV specials, drives a car decorated with pictures of the King and festooned with licence plates that feature the name "Elvis" , has her bedroom walls and ceiling decorated with posters, pictures, paint-by-number portraits, news clippings and concert ticket stubs (she's seen him live 50 times!) as well as a music box styled in the likeness of you-know-who and so on. This is an example of a devotee of the Elvis religion. In the Living Colour song "Elvis is Dead" Little Richard makes a guest appearance and says that "Elvis was a great performer" and was "electrifying" and that we should "let him rest". Amen.
by Buckeye Star September 29, 2007
A popular TV show that ran during the later half of the fucking PC 90s and the first few years of the 21st century. Ally is a lawyer who works for "The Firm", and she and her yuppie co-workers work in a conformist environment, doing practically everything together for the fucking firm. They often go out to a cheap-ass bar after work, where Vonda Shepard sings shitty pop/whatever songs that amount to next to nothing. They use a unisex bathroom (hoo-hah!) for answering Nature's call and talking gossip. Ally looks a bit anorexic and is very neurotic and she often sees illusions such as the famous Dancing Baby. In one episode she defends Courtney Thorne-Smith's relationship with a married man, saying that they "belong together". The show often features crappy renditions of popular hits. The show is so dehumanizing, but yuppies and soccer moms love this trash. Another piece of shit that passed for entertainment in the fucking PC 90s and beyond.
The TV show Ally McBeal is a hunka-hunka burning crud. Complete bullshit.
by Buckeye Star September 29, 2007
Pookie is the name that Garfield the fat cat gave to his loyal companion teddy bear.
Garfield goes to bed with Pookie at his side every time he sleeps.
by Buckeye Star September 28, 2007
A piece of trash, utter shit. This term is a variation of the phrase "hunka-hunka burning love" from the song "Burning Love" by the one and only Elvis Presley.
During the week of August 16 (Elvis death anniversary) a TV network had an "Elvis flick" about how his ghost haunts the city of Memphis and gives advice to some local residents. The TV guide said that the TV movie would make Elvis spin in his grave - don't waste your time, it's a hunka-hunka burning crud.
by Buckeye Star September 29, 2007
a nickname given by the press and the Internet to Amanda Knox, an American college student from Seattle studying in Italy who is on trial there on the charge of killing her British roommate in a violent kinky sex game with her Italian boyfriend and maybe other people around there. The Brit girl apparently was an unwilling participant in the stupid game and became the victim.
Because of the victim's nationality, the U.K. press as well as that of Italy have referred to Amanda Knox as "Foxy Knoxy". That appellation is now used by sites like that of CNN.
by Buckeye Star June 12, 2009
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