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A person who chooses to live in an expensive, popular, densely-populated part of a major city, but hates being around other people.
John: Did you hear Tony bought one of those condos in Uptown, right over Starbucks?

Bill: He bought it just to look cool; he hates having to be in crowds, wait in line, or say hello to neighbors.

John: Yeah, I thought he was an urban isolationist.
by Bryan Rutherford December 12, 2007
In racing (running/biking), psychological drafting occurs when you spot a person ahead of you with a number in your age group, and you follow that person closely so you can pass him/her when the finish line is in sight.
I was running a marathon and spotted a guy in my age group just ahead of me, so I did some psychological drafting and dusted him at the finish line before he knew what happened.
by Bryan Rutherford June 06, 2007
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