1 definition by Broken Arrow Kicks Ass

One of the greatest movies ever made. Starring John Travolta and Christian Slater. A high action impact movie. This movie kicks serious ass. Awesome quotes. Howie Long also guest stars. He kicks major ass.
"What the Fuck are you up to Hale" (Travolta to Slater)

"Ah Fuck" - Travolta (Deakins)

"God Damn You Hale" Travolta (Deakins)

"Son of a Bitch, radiation took down the god damn chopper" Long (Kelly)

"What the Fuck are you doing?" Long (Kelly)

"Shut that son a bitch down now, this ain't what I signed on for, I'm not ready to die not for you" Long (Kelly)to Travolta

"Everybody dies Kelly" Travolta (Deakins)
by Broken Arrow Kicks Ass January 26, 2005

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