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A racial slur that when said comes off as Campy, Witty, or Adorable to the extent that it is no longer considered racist.
Shirley Temple: "There sure are a lot of Niggers around here!"

Tyrone (The Black Man): "DAMN! That little racist is cute as Fuck!"

Jeff (Innocent Bystander): And that my friend is a Racial Slurpee.
by Brock Doody January 20, 2011
A stain left behind after having sex with a fat and/or ugly person that reminds you of the terrible act you performed the night before.
Eric: "Ew! What's that on your bed?"

Terry: "Oh, thats just my Shame Stain from last night."

Eric: "Was that the triple chinned asian from the bar?"

Terry: "If only. (Sigh)"
by Brock Doody January 20, 2011
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