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1 definition by Briter M. Erica

Ward Churchill is an intelligent Anti-Fascist whosimply points out that America, time after time has changed the rules to suit its need. When President Bush or any U.S. President before him launches attacks on another countries citizen population (Iraq, Afganastan, Japan, The Phillipines, The Native Americans) it is for the greater good, or to prove a point. In the words of George H. W. Bush, "We must show the world that what we say goes." If Churchill offends anyone, it is because they are ignorant fools who can't see the evil that the U.S. Government and it's foreign policy really are.
Right-Wing Nuts should try reading entire passages instead of listening to sound bytes on Scarborough Country or the O'Reilly Factor. Read Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States and for God's sake, try thinking for yourself for once.
by Briter M. Erica April 10, 2005