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1. When a male masturbates quickly and forcefully not for the purpose of gaining pleasure from orgasm but strictly to rid himself of an erection.

2. When a male masturbates angrily. This is usually caused by sexual frustration built up over time. Often times he will press one foot against the bathroom door to ensure no can enter and see his shame.
Person 1: Damn, I woke up with the biggest morning wood but I was already late for work.

Person 2: You can't put pants on with a hard on. What did you do, just lay in bed and wait for it to go away?

Person 1: Fuck no, I power jerked that shit & got ready for the day.
by Brick Bardo December 01, 2010
Pinky Violence is a film genre that developed out of the Japanese New Wave in the late sixties and blossomed into it’s own during the early seventies. The term came from the way the films mixed the erotic elements found in Pink Films (a.k.a. Roman Porno) with the action and violence found in Yakuza crime films. They are often grouped in with sexploitation films because of their excessive nudity, over the top gore and low budget production.

These films have influenced many Western directors such as Russ Meyer, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

Modern films commonly categorized as "Pinky Violence" are "The Machine Girl" and "Tokyo Gore Police".
Did you see that asian film full of full-frontal nudity and gore? It must have been Pinky Violence.
by Brick Bardo January 11, 2009
To quit, give up or admit defeat. Originating from a heterosexual encounter in which the male cannot orgasm from oral sex & admits defeat while retaining dignity by laying his testicles on the forehead of his partner.
I knew he had me in the fourth round so by the seventh I had to drop balls.

After I saw how far ahead he was in sales I kind of just dropped balls. What else was I supposed to do?
by Brick Bardo January 09, 2007
To commit suicide by slitting ones wrists while in the bathtub.
Knowing someone like Donsld Trump could actually become president makes me want to paint the tub red.
by Brick Bardo April 20, 2016
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