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When a woman is wanting to have sex really, really bad. There's just no doubt about it. She is going to get some tonight. Anything or anybody is fair game.
Vrin: Have you seen the zucchini I bought yesterday?
Jadu: Yeah man. Sally Sue came over and said she wanted to check it out before we cooked it. She was so covered with nooklear energy it was scary. I thought it best that she just take it.
Vrin: Darnit. There goes dinner.
Jadu: Sorry dude. She wanted it real, real bad.
Vrin: Okay man.
by Brian Boyle November 13, 2007
When on a what you thought was a red hot date, babalicious only lets you feel her boobs through her cumbersome bra and sweater.
Jadu: I kinda bummed.
Vrin: What happened man?
Jadu: I had a date date with Sally Sue last night and she would only let me feel her boobs through her varsity sweater. Just got some dry tit really.
Vrin: Sorry dude. You okay?
Jadu: Sorta.
by Brian Boyle November 13, 2007

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