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where to start with a metal head

They think that "metal" is the only form of music. Some (not all) are complete wankers who will rip the shit out of any other forms of music like pop-rock/emo dismissing it for shit, or "not proper music", which of course is bullshit. Try to ruin rock festivals like Download by asking for all metal bands, angrily throwing bottles of piss and hurling abuse at "other forms of rock" acts, E.g anything pop-rock. Which competely screws up perfectly good festivals. But that is not all metal heads, as I say its only some. A metal head :They have long greasy black hair, like to mosh, and own wardobes full of Slayer t-shirts.
(forum post)by a metal head

m4t3l h34d:

For Download 2008
Lamb of God
Machine Head

Not For Download 2008
Fall out Boy (wankers)
My Chemcial Romance (pricks)
Bring Me The Horizon (complete twats)
by Brappo the Clown March 02, 2008

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