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-$7.50 worth of wine, in a box, With a taste equivalent to shit.

-Linked with Mass brain cell reduction, taste bud destruction, and fines of up to two hundred and twenty-five dollars in Australia.

-Drank by facktards who are too cheap to spend 15 bucks on a six pack of bundaberg rum -which is liquid gold
Ben: Dude the cops are coming!! RUN!

Brad: MaNN i jUSt draNK a whOLe cask of GOON! i AINT runnInn noWheRe!!

*falls over*

Cops: Mr Mcfarlane, im going to have to issue you a $255.00 fine for underage drinking in public.

Brad: AwwW FUCK!!!!
by Brad McFarlane January 09, 2008
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