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noun. Person who inhabits the New York and sorrounding areas, who has a Puerto Rican ancestry, listen to reggeaton, walk around being "proud" to be Puerto Rican and carry a knife to stab someone, BUT actually have never been to PR, do not speak any spanish and have absolutely no idea what PR is all about.
new yorican: Hey! Check out my Puerto Rico flag CD that I have hanging on the rearview mirror of my Chevy Impala. And the bumper sticker that says "Orgullo de ser de Puerto Rico"
Normal Person: Oh looks so cool (actually thinking, that's so ghetto). What does it mean?
new yorican: Uhm... eh... something about Puerto Rico. Gotta go.

Example 2:
new yorican: Oye! Orgullo Puertorro! Proud to be puerto rican! go puerto rico! fuck everyone else. dale puerto rico! Boricua, Morena, Boricua, Morena!
Normal Person: Sabes ubicar a Puerto Rico en un mapa?
new yorican: What?
Normal Person: Sabes ubicar a Puerto Rico en un mapa?
new yorican: come again?
Normal Person: Si sabes ubicar a Puerto Rico en un mapa, fuckin new yorican?!
new yorican: oh! you are speaking spanish, right?
Normal Person: no, klingon... of course you idiot. I said: Can even find Puerto Rico on a map?
new yorican: Uhm... yeah... you know... it's like south of new york... ehhhh... people like take planes and get there, you know.
Normal Person: Go stab yourself, you ignorant.

by Boricuaso July 16, 2006
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