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Acronym: Stands for Laughing At You. Opposite of LOL. should be said when some one makes a bad joke, or does something embarrassing.

Can also be used in the verb tense as Layed, or Laying. i.e. I am laying someone right now, or I just layed him.
Guy 1: lets flip a quarter to determine who goes first

Girl 1: What is going to be the Heads?

Guy 1: LAY, the head is going to be heads. How does it feel to get LAYed?
Guy 1's Phone Rings and Guy 2 is on the other end:

Guy 2: Wuts up bro?

Guy 1: I can't talk now I am laying girl 1

Girl 1 is having a conversation with her boyfriend guy 2 later that night:

Girl 1: so guy 1 totally LAYed be earlier...i did not realize that the head on a quarter would be considered heads in a coin flip before

Guy 2: LAY
by bored_lawstudent October 20, 2010
The Bisexuals of the Business Organization world. LLCs go both ways. Can be like a Partnership or a Corporation, with respect to governance and taxes.
Greedy Business Man #1: Dude this double taxation is killing me

Greedy Business Man #2: Bro, not us we are an Limited Liability Company, we tax the profits right to the shareholders income. However are liability is still limited, if the company screws up we are not on the hook to lose our Ferraris and Summer homes

Greedy Business Man #1: Sounds like LLCs go both ways, I should get me one of those.
by Bored_Lawstudent January 12, 2011
When you want to unfriend someone but either (1) you are too much of a pussy or (2) social convention dictates that you can't. Thus you are stuck with half measure such as: blocking them on Facebook Chat, blocking them from your newsfeed, or putting them on extreme limited profile.
Example 1

Sister: Grandma added me as a friend on facebook and the first thing she did was write on one of my friends pics that I commented on "Sister you look so beautiful in all of your pictures". I want to unfriend her.

Brother: You can't unfriend her just defacto unfreind her, but her on limited profile.

Example 2
Guy 1: So remember that bitch I went out with last month. Well I ran into her yesterday and she would not acknowledge my existence.

Guy 2: that sucks what a bitch!

Guy 1: I would have unfriended her but we are both in law school so I am bound to run into her so I guess I am stuck with a defacto unfriend. I have blocked her from chat, and blocked her from my newsfeed.
by Bored_lawstudent January 20, 2011
When someone makes a picture you posted to Facebook their profile picture, and you feel validated.
Guy 1: Dude those pics from this weekend were awesome, I made one of them my Facebook Profile Picture.

Guy 2: Thanks for the Profile Pic Validation.
by Bored_Lawstudent January 18, 2011
When a smart phone gets so many facebook notifications, texts, emails, or BBMs, etc. in a small amount of time that the battery dies. This can be done by one person or a group of people either intentionally or not.
Girl: Asshole you straight liked my profile. My phone received Death by notification after receiving 98 notifications. I didn't realize this until my car was broken down at the side of the road.

Further after the phone died i continued receiving notifications as well.

Guy: LAY
by bored_lawstudent January 15, 2011
to re-add someone to Facebook after deleting them. The deletion can be accidental or purposeful.
Guy 1: So remember that chic I was sorta seeing that unfriended me after that fight here and I had a few weeks back?
Guy 2: Yeah
Guy 1: Well outa the blue she decided the re-friend me. What does that shit mean?
Guy 2: Idk
by bored_lawstudent July 31, 2011
Platonic Flirt, joking around and being playful will a friend of the opposite sex, with no intention of trying to get in their pants.
Matt: Sofia, Josh was flirting with you pretty hard last night, WTF.
Sofia: Nah, that was just plirting, Josh and I are just friends, but we plirt all the time.
Matt: Ok :)
by bored_lawstudent June 24, 2011

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