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When a Euro or Russian pornstar sticks out her tongue to take the cum shot, and her tongue already has a thick white coating because she hasn't brushed her tongue from the last 300 cumshots.
I was all ready to shoot my load over that porno scene, but then that pornstar stuck out her cum tongue.
#porno #pornstar #cum #tongue #cumshots
by borderland October 12, 2011
In Australia, Rudeboys were defined by flat top haircuts, red polo shirts buttoned right up, and Doc Martin boots. They loved ska music, fighting and driving Minis.
Circa 1083: Did you see Drew's flat-top haircut? And why's his shirt buttoned up, it's bloody hot today.
Haven't you heard of rudeboys?
#rude boy #rudegirl #ska #punk #rudies
by borderland September 26, 2007
Your Gym Membership
My gymbership is up for renewal.
by borderland May 23, 2016
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