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3 definitions by Bollocksissimo

The sort of thing that makes you say "fuck!" while experiencing unpleasant psychotropic effects.
That was one fuckadelic bad trip!
Migraines are such wretched fuckadelic things.
by Bollocksissimo July 10, 2008
22 8
Someone who's such a horndog that he ends up acting like a fucktard.
All he has to do is see a girl and he does the dumbest things to impress her...he's a total horntard.
by Bollocksissimo July 17, 2008
10 1
Like fuckadelic, but with extra-spectacular psychedelic-like special effects.
I just had the most unbelievably fucktacular dream, where I felt like I was watching my own head explode into torrents of luminous multi-coloured blancmange.
by Bollocksissimo July 10, 2008
12 7