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A douchette is the feminine form of a douche bag. A girl who is usually unintelligent, shallow and wears a lot of Abercrombie/preppy clothes.
"That party sucked, it was full of douchettes!"
by Bob Magala April 12, 2005
The tax-exempt belief system, also involved its own theology. But I can't tell you what it is -- it's a secret. When learning the theologies, Selfosophists must undergo a sworn blood oath ritual, which is also a secret.

An excommunicated member is called a "Ratfinkovich."

Selfosophy books include: "How to Be Happy, Even When You Shouldn't.", "How to Manipulate People by Your Apparent Friendliness" and "How to Overcome Your Fears by Making Others Fear You".
"Many of Hollywood's elite are Selfosophists, so I ask you: how could a religious order with ties to Hollywood be involved in anything immoral?"
by Bob Magala April 12, 2005
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