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The largest number ever. The monster of numbers.

Invented by Jonathan Goldstein and spoken of on the CBC Radio show "Wiretap"
Jonnie's friend won a Godzillions dollars in the lottery last week
by Bob Gaotu January 18, 2010
When something is described by the media or any large number of the uninformed populous as something huge and important if not something terrible and earth shattering (i.e. Swine Flu) and it fails miserably to live up to expectations.

This is derived from the modern version of Battlestar Galactica where Kara Thrace was described as "the Harbinger of Death" when in fact she had little effect on the ending of the show and just vanished mid conversation.
Yeah, don't worry about swine flu, its not that deadly, it is an example of Kara Thrace Syndrome.

What do you mean? People died!

Yeah, but only about 200. Thousands die each year from the regular influenza. Big deal.

I guess swine flu does have Kara Thrace Syndrome.

Exactly. Wash your frickin hands, get on with life, let the pandemic knobs fret like old ladies.
by Bob Gaotu August 24, 2009
The act of opening two youtube videos at the same time and watching one while listening to the other. Particularly good watching a country and western video, usually filled with many partially clad attractive women, whilst listening to music you can actually stomach.
Hey, what are you doing?

Watching this wild video full of T and A while listening to some Morrissey.

Thats kind of contradictive.

Yes, its called Youtube Tag-teaming.

Tis awesome.

Yes, tis,
by Bob Gaotu April 17, 2009
The process of actively excavating all of the visible caramel or any other non-ice cream components of a box/tub of ice cream to increase the fun level of your late night snack.
"Hey, who was into my ice cream?"
"Oh me, I only had half a bowl"
"Yeah, I see you were caramel mining, there is no more ripple in my caramel ripple"
by Bob Gaotu August 02, 2009
A compilation of Facebook and Vacation. A period of time, self imposed and rarely adhered to, where a person voluntarily avoids visiting their Facebook page to get a grip on the real world. A semi-facebookation involves visiting the page, answering messages but not updating status or answering/making comments.
Where is Fred?

Oh, he's around, he's just on a Facebookation.

For how long?

A week..

Ha ha ha ha ha! (Mutual laughter)

Yeah, so, he'll be on tonight?

by Bob Gaotu May 24, 2009
A Gorthos is a hoopy frood who started life as your average run of the mill super-intelligent human, but slowly evolves in to a super-human in many ways. As a Gorthos ages, he tends to not only maintain his like and ability in all things technical and generally nerdy, he also is able to get dates with attractive yet also slightly geeky nerd-girls. This makes him a diety among fellow nerds and although scorn occasionally rains down upon him from less fortunates, most often his charisma of 18 wins the day, even with decryers.
"I'm worried about little Timmy. He won't play hockey."

"Don't worry dearest, he's a Gorthos."

"True. As are you my sweet. Would you care for more tea?"

"Yes pretty lady. and a hand job please."

"But of course!"
by Bob Gaotu September 14, 2008
A person who, no matter how good their current job/position is, spends an inordinate amount of time trying to find a better job for more pay, less work, more interesting surroundings etc..
Wow, Fred has quite the nice gig over at the post office. God pay, decent hours, nice.

Yeah but he's trying to get a different job over at FedEx.


He's a job shopper. Never happy, grass is greener and all that.

What a dick. Order up!
by Bob Gaotu May 24, 2009

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