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A man that puts up the facade of a relationship with a woman as tall as a mountain so he can get closer to her brother.
Lescard is over there talking to the mountain, he's probably telling her how he fucked her brother last night.
by Bob Boberson November 28, 2003
A man that is so overtly gay that every one easily notices except the man himself
That guy is such a fucking lescard
by Bob Boberson November 20, 2003
A spray specially formulated for use aganist gay or lescard type individuals, the spray includes scents that frighten and repulse these individuals and causes them to run away or in extreme cases even death, the primary scent used in gaygon is the scent of a womans vagina or any scent associated with a woman.
I saw Gizmo looking at me kind of funny so I went home, got my entire case of gaygon and sprayed the faggot until he died.
by Bob Boberson November 28, 2003

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