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a team that i will admit is always good..except 06-07 so far lol. but hey, they have the absoloute shittiest fanbase EVER! they have like 70 million "fans" that probably cant name 5 players on the yankees roster and probably think a-rod was drafted by the team. The Yankees are very succesful but the only way you can be a true yankees fan is if u r rich, and that is becuase they are almost always sold out..

im not a yankees fan or a red sox fan, i like the cincinnati reds... 5 world series title, ken griffey jr, adam dunn, ryan freel, bronson arroyo, aaron harang, etc are some of the current impacts players of the reds, and dont get me started on the lists that include johny bench and pete rose..but whatever this isnt about the reds lol. im just saying, if the yankees ever become the tampa bay devil rays, lets see how many "fans" they will have.
guy: hey dad i love the new york yankees! can we go watch one of their games!

dad: no it costs 600$ for bleacher seats, but hey how about we go watch a reds game, they are currently last in their division and 5 bucks for some good seats donw in cincy.

guy: no im gonna go watch a red sox game, they are my new favorite team
by Boaz Shachaf May 19, 2007

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