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A band that people only like because they are "funny". They are NOT the best band in the world, that is just absolutely stupid. They aren't even proper musicians.. they don't know any guitar scales, or even how to fucking play a guitar anyway!! They don't define the word "'punk', they don't even touch punk. And as far as "never being as good as Greenday" as someone said.. GREENDAY FUCKING SUCK DICK TOO!!! All punk sucks. Punks are crap at guitar, all they can do it twang out a few fucking power chords and they think they're amazing. They only usually use around four chords for each song.. along with four or 5 pitches to sing at. And every song sounds the same. The only good musician from the band is Travis the drummer. Blink 182 are a mockery of music, punks are just too stupid to see this. Simple things please simple minds.
Blink 182 can't play to save their lives, Blink 182 can't sing to save their lives, Blink 182 are closer to pop, any Blink 182 fan can't sing or play their instrument(s) properly.
by Blink 182 suck January 25, 2004

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