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Proof that voting on American Idol is obviously rigged. This ugly ass chimpanzee-looking woman is by far the worst singer in America. When she cries, more water than Niagara Falls flows down her face. Her lips give the impression that she overdosed on collagen injections. This ugly fat can of busted biscuits can not sing and only won the contest because she is a Single Black Mother. Whenever she sings she sounds like a cat being strangled to death and throws her fat ass all over the place. Who knew jeans could fit over an ass that big? If she had not have won, she and "The Revs" Al Sharpton} and Jesse Jackson} would have used the oldest excuse in the book, Racism. Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, & Paula Abdul all must have been on drugs when they sent Fantasia's fat ass to Hollywood.
Fantasia Barrino singing: "YaaaaaYaaaaaYaaaaYaaaaaaYaaaaaa" (throws self around like someone having a seizure" "YaaaaaaYaaaaaYaaaaYaaaaYaaaaaaa"
by Blake787 January 19, 2008

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