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1. To run freely, nude, or partially nude 2. To dance freely, with little recognition of others, to the beat of music. 3. A jerk who thinks he can do whatever he wants.

Started in a small school in KY as a joke, was used throught many close areas, and became a popular word.
Came to be used as a partial insult when people would hit each other when dancing. Basically it means to do what you want.
1. I went and snerved throught the house. 2. Man he snerves up the dancefloor. 3. Man he snerved on my shoe, now i have to kill him.
by Blake Howard February 11, 2005
A very religous person. This goes into more detail as most people dont have problems with religous people. Bible heads are said to be annoying. A bible head is someone who will bring their beleifs into anything and everything they do.

A person who fits into the Bible Head CAtegory tends to think about what their religion says, before what comon sense says. They will let their beliefs control how they think, and will often look down on people who arent religous, or who are said to be bad by the religion. As such is some Christians think gays and lesbians are bad.

More often than not they become Bible Thumpers.
That Bible Head on the school counsil is trying to get the Ten Commandments.
by Blake Howard April 30, 2005

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