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Of or relating to Buddhism. Found mostly on Asian Mahayana Buddhist Temples and their Statues. If the symbol is found on a food product it means that the food is all Vegetarian, thus causing no harm to animals in the creation of the food product. Thus keeping with Ahimsa, a term meaning to do no harm, a common practice found in Buddhism.
Home-Schooled Christian: Dude what's with the Nazi Ramen?
College Educated Buddhist: Yeah right, and I suppose that Chinese script is German too.

Home-Schooled Christian: I dunno, I can't read either.
College Educated Buddhist: No, X-tard, that's the Buddhist Swastika, it means that no harm was caused to animals in the preparation of this food product.

Home-Schooled Christian: What?
College Educated Buddhist: It's Vegetarian.

Home-Schooled Christian: Well, fuck that, I gotta have meat everyday.
College Educated Buddhist: You are Karmically-dispositioned towards Obesity.
by Black Plowman October 07, 2011
A typical Christian BS excuse for anything that doesn't make sense.

Any Church reasoning that X-tards believe is of or relating to god that makes sense of an unknown variable.

Short for Christ-Logic,

much like X-mas is short for Christmas.
Example 1:
A person is in the Hospital, for some Heart Issues, they are going to have heart surgery. Either two things are going to happen, they live thru it or die.

Let's say they die, the X-Logic is that god needs them in Heaven for some divine purpose.

Let's say they live, then god needs them for missionary work on Earth.

Example 2:
A Buddhist Temple suffers damage from a Hurricane, X-Logic would say that God did the damage to their false idol ways, however when a Church burns down or gets obliterated by a storm, the X-logic suggests that god is testing them or Mother Nature did it, but never god.
by Black Plowman October 07, 2011

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