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A CLIT is one unit of a completed CraigsList Internet Transaction. CraigsList is the global online haven increasingly used by scammers, fraudsters and perverted criminals: a haven long- known for catering to the underbelly of human trafficking, recently forced by legal action to shut down part of their operation. However, more legitimate transactions are being flagged off the service, in favor of those posted by violators in various industries.
Mom: I posted our summer house on Craigslist, it keeps getting flagged and deleted, but Vito from work posted his house, and he actually sold within 2 weeks. I am steamed.

College Student daughter: Mom, don't you know, only mob linked people get business done with Craigslist. If you do any business you get a CLIT. Some guys have thousands of CLITs.

Mom: Wash your mouth out with soap, that's vulgar.

College Student daughter: That's what' I'm telling you, more than not ppl who use Craiglist are vulgar criminals. You're lucky it was flagged or else a CLITTER could have come to the house and raped you.
by Bitsy Schalp February 05, 2010
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