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The Columbian VCR occurs when a man, often desperately in need of sexual release and his hand just doesn't fulfill his sexual fantasies, until the point where the man lubes up his cock and thrusts it into his old VCR because he can't get any actual pussy. And in this act his penile growth gets stuck inside the VCR and so he has to try the eject button which fucks up his penile shaft, and eventually has to call the paramedics to remove his penis from the mechanical abyss of the VCR, in hope that his shaft is still intact.
(Guy) Im pretty horny, and the bitches just aint coming my way, so i think im going to try something new to spice things up tonight. { * Inserts dick into VCR * } Oh yeah, thats nice!!! Oh, shit!!! My dick is stuck. { * Calls Paramedics * )
(Medic) Hello, please state your emergency.

(Guy) Oh man i was doing a Columbian VCR and my wand is caught in my chamber of secrets if you know what i mean, oh shit!
by Bill Tremonti April 27, 2011
The sexual act of releasing fecal matter into ones hand and then using the other hand rubbing his scrotum until ejaculation, then squirting the love nectar onto the feces. Then, in an act of aggression, he shoves the turd covered in cum into his lovers mouth as she gasps with tasteful enjoyment.
(Girl) " Honey, we are out of pillsbury cinnamon rolls. "

(Guy) " Its alright babe, ive eaten alot tonight, and we havent had sex in a while, so there will be plenty of pittsburgh cinnamon rolls for you tonight. "
by Bill Tremonti April 07, 2011

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