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A Born-Again Christian. A better man than any of you liberals out there who think you can do better. A better president than Clinton (both of them) and any liberal that ever was or ever will be. I bet if any of you were president and you were thrown as many things as Bush has, you would screw up some too. (More than Bush because your liberals.) You guys think you know every frickin' thing, but all you do is sit on your fat butts, watch a couple of minutes of CNN (the most biased news show on TV) and POOF your educated. No. In other words you guys are retarded. Thanks for wasting yours and my time by putting the crap you put on here. God Bless all in America who have not strayed away from you and the President, GEORGE W. BUSH! Do I here an Amen from Anybody with a Brain?
"George Bush is NOT the antichrist."
"George Bush is NOT a moronic liberal."
by Bill K. Henderson January 23, 2007

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