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A flaming homo sexual that like to take it up the rear end from Bob sapp and his 1 foot penis.

Also enjoys metal rods wrapped with barbed wire inserted into his penis hole

sadly he also was a victim a typical Syndrome of the name Malerba aka erectile dysfunction his baby dick (1-2inch max on the best day possible while popping 4 different types of boner pills and pumping air into his penis) can only pleasure the only girl that loves him....his mom.

Some transvestite with the name of Brenda would wreck a Malerba's anal cavity with a dildo while swallowing a load of cum and piss and enjoying every minute of it
The kid just totally Malerba'd his mom!

Girl: is it hot in here? im like sweating!
Guy: It cuz of that Malerba is standing two feet away and is flaming homosexual

Dont cry, remember look at the positives, at least your not an Malerba
by BigRigBill June 30, 2009

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