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A large, thick penis that is capable of hurting a partner during intercourse. A pain bone would be considered to be in the top 10% of large penises.
"Steve hung that pain bone in me last night, and now I can barely walk today !"
#cock #horsecock #horse cock #schlong #big dick
by Big Poppa South April 15, 2010
sex, sexual intercourse with a woman, the process of inserting a penis into a vagina or anus
"Stephanie's coming over tonight, and I plan to hang one in her"
#fuck #screw #bang #sex #fucking
by Big Poppa South April 21, 2010
Extremely crowded; very busy; at full capacity
"Dude, the Emerald Club was dumped Friday night !"
#full #busy #crowded #jammed #packed
by Big Poppa South June 20, 2009
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