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2 definitions by Big NYC Jay

Male Internet chat-speak asking a chatter to engage in phone sex for simultaneous masturbation.
Hey, bro, you wanna fone bone and jet one out?
Dude, cyber doesn't work for me, I gotta either hook-up or fone bone to work out a nut.
It's so lame when somebody hangs up after they cum during a fone bone before you finish workin' yours out.
by Big NYC Jay June 25, 2008
6 7
A quick (often anonymous) one time sexual act with another of the same or opposite sex which ends in climax.
Dude, I can't believe that had a one off with that cop to keep from getting a ticket.

Damn, you really had a one off with that hot soccer MILF behind the beer stand?

by Big NYC Jay June 24, 2008
21 29